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Where are they now?

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Baylor Swimmers in College


Collegiate Swimmers 2017-2018


Tremaine Allen '16
Bellarmine University



Jack Best '17
University of South Carolina




Caroline Boone '15
Pepperdine University




Matthew Boyer '17
College of William & Mary




Anne Dassow '16
Grove City College



Emily Gill '16
American University




Hannah Gill '17
McGill University




Gershwin Greene '17
Virginia Technical Institute



Jason Green '17
St. Bonaventure University



Chandler Hinson '14
Georgetown University




Luke Kaliszak '14
University of Alabama



Jon Lancaster '15
Carson Newman University




Peter Lochmaier '17
United States Air Force Academy


Sam McHugh '14
University of Tennessee




Leanne McMaster '16
Howard University




Breanna Roman '14
Auburn University


Christian Selby '15
Auburn University


Maggie Stovall '15
Marshall University




Jessica Vargo '15
King University







Collegiate Swimmers All Time


University of Alabama

Luke Kaliszak 2014
Anna Rae Gwarjanski 2010
Reese Shirey 2009
Josh Sosna 2009
Elle St. Charles 2006
Kacey Weddle 2006
Zach Winchester 1999



American University

Emily Gill 2016
Mike Smith 1996
John Beaty 1994
Michael Waltz 1994


Auburn University

Christian Selby 2015
Breanna Roman 2014
Will Brandt 2001


Bellarmine University

Tremaine Allen 2016
Abigail Bittel 2014



Brown University

Mitchell Poole 1980
Chris Hug 1977



University of California at Berkeley

Kristen Vredeveld 2013



Carson Newman University

Jon Lancaster 2015



College of Charleston

Keith Chapin 1990



University of Cincinnati

Tess Larimore 1996



The Citadel

Stuart Roberts 1979



Clemson University

Chip McElhattan 1980



University of the Cumberlands

Matt Limerick 2009



Davidson University

Miller Williams 2006



Denison University

Ashley Yearwood 2012



Eastern Kentucky University

John Davenport 1969



Emory University

Alex Prebul 2006
Ben Speed 1996
Laurie Speed 1992



University of Florida

Savannah Napier 2011
Stephanie Napier 2006
Ryan Swift 1996
Bobby Laugherty 1982
Geoff Gaberino 1980



Florida Southern

Spencer Rowe 2011
Catie Carden 2011
Brian Moran 2009



Gardner Webb University

Lizzy Ketterer 2007



University of Georgia

Kimberlee John-Williams 2013
Martin Grodzki 2009
Brett Roberson 2009
Mike Prichard 1988
Jim Jacobi 1985
Rick Brackett 1977
Marc Hunt  1974



Georgia Tech

Michael Vredeveld 2008
Jeremy Jackson 2006
Ryan Bishop 2003



Georgetown University

Chandler Hinson 2014



Grinnell College

Jessica Wood 2012



Grove City College

Anne Dassow 2016



Harvard University

Christian Carbone 2012
Greg Roop 2009



Hollins University

Meg O'Brien 2011


Howard University

Leanne McMaster 2016


James Madison University

Mary Webber 2001


Kansas University

Alison Lusk 2010



University of Kentucky

Caitlin Muldoon 2001
Lisa Beavers 1999
Mandy Swift 1993



Kenyon College

Brooke Birchell 2001


King University

Jessica Vargo 2015
Samantha Vargo 2013



University of Louisiana Monroe

Will Hunt 1989



University of Louisville

Kelly McClanahan 1996


Marshall University

Maggie Stovall 2015
Mikaya Reynolds 2013



Mars Hill College

Brian Veins 2009



McGill University

Hannah Gill 2016


University of Miami

Erin Simpson 2008


University of Minnesota

Greg Wright 1964



Mount Holyoke College

Lauren Williams 2010


U.S. Air Force Academy

Peter Lochmaier 2016
Emeline Lochmaier 2013


U.S. Naval Academy

Mathias Porter 2014
Ben Ferguson 2000



University of Nebraska

Bria Deveaux 2012
David Whelchel 1980


University of Nevada Las Vegas

Tripp Howell 1986



University of North Carolina

Brad Hamilton 2008
Sarah List 2008
Matt Smith 1993
Kevin Hiscock 1981
Roger Vredeveld 1979



North Carolina State University

John Payne 1982
John Best 1982



Northwestern University

Melissa Nott 1993


Nova Southeastnern University

Melissa Karman 2015


University of Ohio

Emma Michaels 2011


Ohio State University

Dustin Tynes  2014
Ashley Vance 2011



Pepperdine University

Caroline Boone 2015



Purdue University

Tom Brigham 1979


Queens University of Charlotte

Hannah Peiffer 2013
Evante Gibson 2011


Rhodes College

Will Raines 2015
Susanna Kirby 2009



University of Richmond

Kristen Brimer 1992
Steve Douglas 1988
Bob Weinhold 1988
Scott Hayden 1981


Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

Craig Kedrowski 2002


Sewanee: The University of the South

Chloe Stevenson 2012
Matt Karstens 2011
Elliot Dement 2002
Hester Wagner 1999
Scott Ferguson 1975
Butch Oakes 1966
John Colmore 1965
Bob Couch 1965



University of South Carolina

Jack Best 2016
Chris Henegar 1998
Chad Burgoyne 1993
Jonathan Rehberg 1993



Stanford University

Steve Lebovitz 1979



St. Bonaventure University

Jason Green 2016



University of Tampa

Cody Bray 2011
Gemma Coulls 2009
Charlie Berge 2004
Johnny McMahan 2004


University of Tennessee

Sam McHugh 2014
Troy Tillman 2010
Jordan Mauney 2009
Walter Vredeveld 1975
Tom Younger 1974
Henry Green 1969



University of Tennessee

Arden Pitman 2011
Sloane Pitman 2009
Kari Peterson 1998
Wendy Oakes 1990



University of Toronto

Brian Lee 2011



Trinity University

Kevin Thomas 2011


Tufts University

Steve Martin 1993



Tulane University

Rob Wells 1987
Danny Callen 1980
Jimmy Flowers 1979
Martin Boles 1979
Bob Barbor 1966
Bob Bresnahan 1966



Vanderbilt University

Rachel Dyer 2007


University of Virginia

Nathan Vredeveld 2009
Nick Huffstutter 1997
Rick Bryant 1972



Virginia Institute of Technology

Gershwin Greene 2016



College of Willam & Mary

Matthew Boyer 2016


Wheaton College

Libby Warren 2002



Whitworth University

Bekah List 2004