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Baylor Makes Waves at Marlins Invitational
by Brian Gill 2017-12-11 12:11:00

MARIETTA, GA- On Saturday and Sunday December 2-3, over thirty Baylor Swim Club athletes traveled to Marietta, GA to race in the 2017 Marlins Invitational. Over 400 swimmers from the states of Tennessee and Georgia competed in the swim meet held at the Mountain View Aquatics Center.

Complete Meet Results


Baylor Top 16 Finishers

12 & Under

Ada Boyd (12th-50 BK, 13th-50 BR); Nate Farnham (7th-50 FLY, 100 IM, 10th-100 FLY, 12th-50 BR, 14th-100 BR); Jacob Holmes (2nd-50 FLY, 100 BK, 4th-50 FR, 50 BK, 5th-100 FR, 6th-100 IM); Charlotte Murphree (5th-50 BR, 100 BR, 12th-100 IM, 14th-50 BK, 100 BK, 15th-200 FR); Camden Nelson (8th-100 FLY); Jude Smith (2nd-100 FR, 3rd-100 BK, 100 IM, 4th-100 FLY, 5th-50 BR);

13 & Over

Noah Althoff (4th-100 FLY, 200 FLY, 6th-1000 FR, 9th-200 FR, 11th-200 BK, 14th-500 FR, 16th-100 FR); Lydia Bohannon (4th-100 FLY, 1000 FR, 11th-200 BK, 12th-100 BK, 13th-100 FR, 14th-500 FR); Nic Brando (4th-100 BK, 5th-100 FR, 200 BK, 7th-200 FR, 9th-100 FR, 8th-500 FR, 13th-50 FR); Heidi Dierig (1st-500 FR, 1000 FR, 100 BR, 200 BR, 3rd-200 FR, 8th-50 FR, 100 FR); Charlie Han (3rd-200 BR, 500 FR, 4th-100 BR, 7th-200 FR, 14th-100 FLY, 16th-100 BK); John Hollowell (1st-200 FR, 100 BK, 200 BK, 3rd-50 FR, 4th-100 FR, 13th-1000 FR); David Kalajdzic (1st-50 FR, 100 FR, 2nd-100 BR, 4th-200 FR, 5th-100 FLY); Zach Kangieser (1st-200 FLY, 2nd-500 FR, 3rd-200 FR, 100 FLY, 4th-1000 FR, 12th-50 FR, 200 BK); Trey Lydon (5th-500 FR, 6th-100 BK, 7th-200 BK, 8th-200 FR, 13th-100 FR); Chase Post (5th-200 BR, 7th-1000 FR, 9th-500 FR, 100 BK, 100 BR, 12th-200 FR, 14th-200 BK); Audrey Rackel (2nd-200 BK, 200 FLY, 3rd-50 FR, 100 FR, 100 BK, 4th-100 FR, 500 FR, 100 FLY, 5th-200 FR); Genna Ringler (4th-200 BK, 6th-100 BK, 9th-200 FR, 100 FLY, 10th-500 FR, 11th-50 FR, 14th-100 FR); Aidan Shaw (8th-200 FLY, 16th-500 FR, Aidan Sims (2nd-1000 FR, 3rd-200 FLY, 4th-500 FR, 5th-100 FR, 200 FR, 8th-50 FR, 9th-200 BK); Angara Sinclair (1st-50 FR, 100 FR, 100 BK, 200 BK, 3rd-200 FLY, 4th-200 FR, 6th-100 FLY, 8th-500 FR); Jack Smith (2nd-50 FR, 4th-100 FR, 500 FR, 5th-100 BR, 6th-100 FLY, 200 FR, 8th-200 BK, 10th-200 BR); Daniel Snyder (1st-500 FR, 1000 FR, 4th-200 FR, 6th-200 FLY, 8th-100 FLY, 10th-100 FR, 12th-50 FR); Daniel Unhuryan (2nd-200 BR, 4th-100 BR, 6th-200 FR, 7th-100 FR, 100 FLY, 10th-50 FR); George Von Canon (5th-100 FLY, 9th-100 BK, 14th-50 FR, 16th-200 BK); Amelia Wills (3rd-100 FLY, 10th-100 BK, 14th-200 FR, 15th-50 FR); Avery Wilson (1st-200 FR, 100 FLY, 200 FLY, 2nd-500 FR, 100 BR, 3rd-100 FR, 4th-50 FR, 1000 FR, 100 BK);


Personal Best Times (AG & Junior listed only)

Ada Boyd (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 BK, 100 BK, 50 BR, 100 BR, 50 FLY, 100 IM); Nate Farnham (50 FR, 50 BK, 50 BR, 100 BR, 100 IM); Charlie Han (100 FR, 200 BK, 100 BR); Jacob Holmes (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 BK, 100 BK, 50 FLY, 100 IM); Charlotte Murphree (50 FR, 200 FR, 50 BK, 50 BR, 100 IM); Camden Nelson (100 BK, 50 BR, 100 FLY, 100 IM); Hunter Shaw (100 BK); Jack Smith (50 FR, 100 FR, 200 FR, 200 BK, 100 BR, 100 FLY); Jude Smith (100 BK, 50 BR, 100 IM); George Von Canon (50 FR, 100 FR, 200 FR, 100 BK, 200 BK, 100 FLY, 200 FLY);