RACE OF THE DAY- Tuesday, March 31, 2020

During these strange times for all, the Baylor Swimming Coaching staff thought it would be fun to share some of the best all-time swimming race videos of the past in an effort to improve our overall swimming IQ.  We will release a new video each day of the week Monday-Friday.  We hope you all will enjoy reliving some of the great swimming moments of the past.

The RACE OF THE DAY for Tuesday, March 31st flashes back to the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games as Michael Phelps battles it out with Michael Cavic for gold in the 100-meter butterfly.  Phelps claimed his 7th gold medal of the games in the slimmest of margins over Cavic in one of the most exciting races of all time!

3/31/20- RACE VIDEO- Michael Phelps Claims His 7th Gold Medal of the Games Over Michael Cavic- 2008 Bejing Olympic Games

Video Analysis (by Head Coach Dan Flack)- Takeaways from this race.  Again the last 15 into the turn and the entire 3rd 25 is paramount for Phelps.  He comes off on his side then transitions to his front on his fish > dolphin kicks off the turn – I BELIEVE we all need to get better at this progression. 👍  Both Cavic & Phelps really show how NOT TO FINISH. 😳  Finally, this race certainly shows that EVERY METER IS AN IMPORTANT METER AND COUNTS.

3/30/20- RACE VIDEOGreat Brittain’s Adam Peaty Breaks the World Record in the 100-meter breaststroke- 2019 FINA World Championships- Gwangju

Video Analysis (Click here!)

3/27/20- RACE VIDEOUSA Women’s 4×100 Medley Relay Takes Gold and Breaks the World Record- 2019 FINA World Championships- Gwangju

Video Analysis (by Head Coach Dan Flack)- Regan Smith (BK) – tremendous tempo the entire race – as the left hand enters the right-hand exits and vice versa.  Lilly King (BR) – watch as the heels speed to high on the fanny at the peak height of the stroke allowing her to skip on top of the water.  Kelsi Dahlia (FLY) – just watch the above shot on the fly and pay attention to the breathing pattern.  Simone Manuel (FR) – watch her drive her shoulder caps over the ears – no splash off of them.

3/26/20- RACE VIDEOSimone Manuel Takes Gold in the 100-meter freestyle- 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Video Analysis (by Head Coach Dan Flack):  Simone Manuel builds the first 50 with 2 up 1 down breathing.  She attacks the legs into the turn / crushes the field on the kick out / & clearly, has legs for the charge home – I believe the 40 meters from the last 15 meters INTO TURN and the 3rd 25 is CRUCIAL.  Finally, she limits breathing on the last 25!!! Do we see a trend here?

3/25/20- RACE VIDEOCaleb Dressel Breaks the World Record in the 100-meter butterfly- 2019 FINA World Championships- Gwangju

Video Analysis (by Head Coach Dan Flack): Caleb Dressel kicks out to right around 12.5 meters off each wall.  His breathing is mostly every other stroke with great press forward on the strokes where he does not breathe. Dressel does not breathe the last 12 meters – yards he does not breathe the entire last 25 – this is preached to and should be worked on daily by all.

3/24/20- RACE VIDEO- Missy Franklin Takes Gold and breaks the World Record in the 200-meter backstroke- 2012 London Olympic Games

3/23/20- RACE VIDEO- Anthony Ervin Claims Gold in the 50-meter freestyle- 2016 Rio Olympic Games