Swimming Lessons

The Baylor Swim Club- Swimming Lesson Program teaches children the basic strokes and water safety. Baylor Swim Club is a USA Swimming Silver Medal Club of Excellence serving the greater Chattanooga area.

Lessons are offered year-round during the week. The cost of each session is $95.00. Each session consists of eight, thirty-minute lessons (pre-swim team consists of six 45 min. lessons). Here is the current swimming lesson schedule.

Participants are grouped by ability. There are three different levels that are offered: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, and Pre-Swim Team level. Next to each of the different levels is the class curriculum.  The minimum age requirement for our lessons is children ages three and older. Please take the time to read each of these. It will help you choose the correct level for your child.


Registration Information & Cost

There is a non-refundable registration/insurance fee of $30 per swimmer/year, payable at the time of registration. This is a one time fee which provides USA Swimming insurance for both the swimmer and club.

All registrations must be completed online. The cost of a session of eight (or six 45 min. lessons for Pre-Swim Team) classes is $95.00. Phone or email registrations will NOT be accepted.

Swimming Lesson Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 virus, All Group & Private Swimming Lessons have been suspended until further notice | Click here! for more information (updated 6/9/20)

Click here for the Swimming Lesson Schedule

Swimming Lesson Policies & Release

During the online registration process, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read over and agree to the Baylor Swimming Lesson policies and release. See below a PDF version of the swimming lesson policies and release form.

Baylor Swimming Lesson Policies & Release Form

Waiting List

All class availability can be viewed on the online registration page. A waiting list will automatically be created if a particular class is full.

Private & Semi-private Swimming Lessons

The Baylor Swim Club also offers private and semi-private swimming lessons. The cost for a private swim lesson is $30.00 a half-hour. During this lesson, the child gets one on one attention with the instructor. This is a way to move through the curriculum at a much faster rate. In addition, to private lessons, the Baylor Swim Club also offers semi-private lessons (2 students – 1 instructor). The cost of a semi-private swimming lesson is $45.00 a half-hour. To schedule a lesson with an instructor please email the swim school director or call 423-267-8506 x630.

Group Swimming Lesson Class Levels

Baylor Group Swimming Lesson Curriculum (all levels)


The Beginner Level teaches basic water safety and survival skills. The beginner class also introduces basic freestyle and backstroke. This class is recommended for children not yet comfortable in the water. The instructor will be in the water at all times. Each lesson is 30 minutes long with a maximum of 4 children per class.  The minimum age requirement for our lessons is children ages 3 and older.


The Advanced Beginner Level teaches and refines freestyle and backstroke. To be at this level a child must be comfortable in the water. The instructor will be in the water at all times. Each lesson is 30 minutes long with a maximum of 4 children per class.


The Pre-Swim Team level will now be offered in six 45 min. lessons. This level is designed for the swimmer to have a natural progression to the Baylor Developmental program or the swim team level. The class teaches refinement in both freestyle and backstroke. It also introduces breaststroke, and diving/starts are also taught. In order for the swimmer to participate in this level, the swimmer must be able to swim 15 yards (halfway) across the pool unassisted. This class is conducted in the large 50 meters by 25-yard competition pool with water depths ranging from 7-12 feet. Each lesson is 30 minutes long with a maximum of 6 children per class.


Swimming lessons at Baylor are held in the beautiful state of the art Baylor School Natatorium. Within the Natatorium, lessons are taught in the endless pool. This pool duals as a training pool for experienced swimmers, and a pool for children just learning to swim.

The maximum depth of the pool if 3 feet and the water is heated to a comfortable 84 degrees for younger swimmers.

The Endless Pool’s adjustable current caters to swimmers of all skill levels. It is ideal for swimming, exercise, therapy, and fun.


If you have questions feel free to email Swim School Director Brian Gill or call the Baylor Swimming office at 423-267-8506 x630.